The MYOB Manifesto

We are an environmentally and socially conscious kind of place.  Don’t worry – we are not overbearing – we do it behind the scenes.  But we do feel there are a few things about our business practices and agenda you should know about.

1.  Our food is locally grown and organic whenever possible.  Know of a local grower?  Please do email or call us and let us know. We are always looking for new sources and ways to support our local economy. 

2.  We recycle 80% of our refuse through recycling and composting.

3.  Our menu is ever changing!  What you see on here will be available.  If you have a favorite that is not listed – just ask!  Everyday is different, and sometimes specials pop up during the course of the day too.

4.  We may be carnivores, but we love vegetarians too!   We are building a full vegetarian menu.  Have a recipe you love?  Please do share it.

5.  Music soothes the savage beast, inflames temperament, and is one of the greatest gifts of the world.  Bring your record, tape, mp3 – and if it doesn’t suck – we will play it!


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  1. March 18, 2011 at 3:28 pm


    I am an RB teacher who works on the SEE Team – our school’s environmental education team. We knew of your restaurant but didn’t know about some of your environmental practices. We were so excited to read about your efforts to be local, organic, etc.

    You mentioned looking for local growers. I wanted to suggest a couple of ideas:

    Bill Scheffler and Izabella Kowalski work out of West Chicago with Pure Prairie Organics. We just visited them yesterday. They are local produce farmers who sell at the farmers markets – all local, all fresh, beyond organic, very affordable.

    Also, Wallace Farms is based out of Iowa (semi-local) but they come to Naperville for deliveries a few times a week – grass-fed meat, grass-fed dairy, seafood, etc. Their quality is fantastic.

    Renee’s Raw Chocolate is a single woman business out of Wheaton selling raw, organic chocolate. It is delicious! She’s just begun selling in Whole Foods and with Wallace Farms as well.

    Anyway, we’d love to chat with you here at RB and with SEE Team.

    Also, I included my and my wife’s blog address above ( We eat gluten-free, pasteurized dairy free, refined sugar free, additive free, organic and whole foods. The blog is our environmental and cooking blog.

    Let me know if any of those links pan out for you!
    I can be reached at
    Dan Mancoff

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