Tonight – Dinner and a Movie! BYOB!

Tonight – starting at 6:00 we will start serving our all you eat veggie burgers, soup, and dessert!  It is BYOB.  And if you want meat – bring it and Ned will turn it into something wonderful.

The movie starts at 7 pm – Bonnie and Clyde!

Come at ANY time.




Dinner and a movie tomorrow night! BYOB.

We are opening at 6 pm tomorrow night – movie starts at 7 pm.  It’s byob!

All you can eat veggie burgers, soup, and desserts.   And all for $15.00.

You can come later, whenever – we will also be showing a second movie.



Friday April 27th – Dinner and a MOVIE


Yes, we are closed, but we WILL be open this Friday for a DINNER and a MOVIE.

Dinner:  All you can eat soup, veggie burgers, and desserts.  And the movie is Bonnie and Clyde!  Fun, Fun, Fun!

You can come at ANY time….and watch this space for more details!


Tomato Brie Soup and Bohemian Corned Beef – and homemade dumplings, oh my!

First, thank you all for your support and messages.  I makes my heart happy.  And I am universally blessed by having such great friends and family.

Second, we have some really great stuff tonight.  Ned made his famous Vegetarian Tomato Brie Soup. Bohemian Corned Beef and homemade potato dumplings. 

For dessert – snickerdoodle cupcakes, coconut squares, magic bars, and peanut chocolate cake!! 

And of course, awesome vegetarian options. 

Get in here and get some good food before it is too late…



Could be our last week…come and get it! Save our bacon (and veggie burgers!)

First, I want to thank all of you who have been wonderful to us.  We had a dream, and we went for it.  And we could not have done it without you.

It has been an amazing journey, and one we are loathe to end.

But sadly, if we don’t get a rush of people in here this week, we will have to close for good it appears.  So basically, we need your support!

And besides, even if we do have to close – you know you want our burgers and great veggie stuff one more time!

We are open at noon today from noon til 9 pm and all this week.  We are having a show here on Friday night as well.   We would love to see you!





Come on in!

You know you want to.  Give in.

Oh, and we want you to.  We’re sorry, baby.  We want you back.  You know you love our food.  And even though he is surly – surely you must have some love for Ned in your heart.

See you tonight and this weekend!



Sunday is Funday.

Hi all!

Why don’t you just mosey on in!  We are here until 9 pm serving you yummy, happy food!

And thanks to all who came out to the show on Friday – hopefully we will see you again in 2 weeks when we put on another show!  Watch this space for details.

Oh, and we are thinking about doing a movie night – who’s in?




In the mood for dessert?

Not only do we have our wonderful normal fare – I got my booty baking today!

Coconut Squares and German Chocolate Cupcakes are the desserts of the day.

So stop on by, get a nosh – or heck – get a burger.


Green Dragon IS HERE! Looking for some fun?

Goodness knows I always am!

It’s a brand new year – and we have a great attitude about it!  And we hope you do too!

Expect many new dishes are going to be created, and we would love to see you.  Actually, if you want us to be here for a while – we NEED to see you.

Let me tempt you some more – we have GREEN DRAGON SOUP!

So come on in.



Happy New Year! Green Dragon Soup!

Happy New Year!

First, I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!  You truly have made Ned and I’s dream come true.

They say the first year is the hardest – and since we have been here a year I have to disagree.  It was not hard.  It was wonderful!  I have met so many people that are so special to me.

And I have good news – by Thursday – Green Dragon soup will be here!

And my news year resolution:  Make sure coconut squares are here for you all every day – and to ramp up the baking.   And I will!  I simply cannot wait to make new, awesome sweets!

So – who would like to share their New Years Resolution?



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