People you should know: John Saibic! Oh, and free dessert.

As many of you know – I have begun blogging about awesome people.    Because everyday people can mean so much more to the world than all of those who get the recognition.

May I proudly introduce you to:  John Saibic.  Here is his pic, it is a bit blurry.   Ladies, this is to protect you.  He is incredibly handsome, and super married.  I am trying to stop broken hearts here….

Hot, eh?

But beyond that – John Saibic is one of the most stand-up guys I know.  And stand-up in the old fashioned way.  Kind, funny, and never once has he said he was going to do something and did not do it.

I am privileged to have him as a friend.  And I owe it all to Ned.  Him and John have been friends from high school.     So I guess I kind of just “inherited” him too.  And I am so thankful for it, as is Ned.

When things are tough – John will listen.  And get it.  And then say something that will make me laugh or make me know I am not the only one having a tough time sometimes.

When I couldn’t do things because of the car situation – John was always there.  Not giving me a car – but lending us his truck.  Just dropping it off like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Because in my heart, I believe to him, it is.   He is that kind of a guy.

And it is rare.

Thank you, John, for being such a good friend.    We heart you very much here at MYOB.  I am sure your kindness has shined on others as well.  It is your way.  And that is why people should know you.

You are a dying breed, brother.


P.S.  We will be here until 9 pm tonight!  Come on in!  Say “John rocks” and get a free dessert!


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