New Friday Blog Feature – People You Should Know: Heather Puffer!

First off – we are here until 9 pm tonight!

Soup is Potato Cheese!

I was thinking lately about how many people I personally know deserve more recognition. How people can be inspiring without even knowing it – and how just being a great person needs to be celebrated. So every Friday I am going to post a People You Should Know!

Know someone who has inspired you? Email me at – and tell me all about them.

So to break it in, I am starting with Heather Puffer!

Above is Heather and I at her birthday party last year.  I made that cake for her.  For those that do not know me, I am the ravishing redhead.  Heather is the bombshell brunette.  And has been my friend since High School.

Heather inspires me because she can handle anything.

She is the proud single Mother of an astounding 5 year old son.  With very little support from her ex, she maintains and does it well.  Better than I could ever, that is for sure.  Her son is bright, funny, and incredible.  Just like his Mom.

At 38, Heather decided she needed to change things.  That she was not happy with her career.  And instead of just complaining like a lot of people do, she added one more thing to her to-do list – go back to school and change careers.  Which takes guts.

Heather is now a phlebotomist.  She graduated this year, and has started her first job recently.  And she is doing great at it.

But most important, she is kind.  Kind to me.  Kind to Ned.  Kind to everyone.  We joke about her, that if we really made us mad, she would hug us to death.  And lets face it, there are not a lot of kind people out there.

If we ever need anything, somehow Heather fits us in.  She is the person you can call and tell anything to, and she will not judge you.  She is fabulous.

Heather comes and helps out at the restaurant, so you may see her around.  And her beautiful smile.

Oh, and she will kill me for this – but Heather is also single.  And totally pretty. (shhh, email me if you are interested or find her on facebook!)








Happy Tuesday! And something to think about…

We are open until 9 pm tonight!

Specials are:  Pork chop dinner – yum!

And for our soup – tomoatoe veggie which is awesome.

So on Saturday, I had to run and get some supplies, and as I was standing at the meat counter and incredibly bored.  So I started my favorite hobby – people watching.

And then I spotted her.  An awesome kid.  About 4 years old and obviously going through the “I can do my own hair and dress myself” faze.  Ponytails mismatched, neon green pants and a maroon top, spongebob squarepants backpack and light up rings from the dollar store.

She was adorable.  But that is not the best part – the best part is that she was doing the robot.  Yep, the robot.  For those who are not familiar with that 80’s dance I am imbedding a video at the end of this post.

Now, her mother was on the phone not looking at her.  As soon as she hung up, she demanded the robot dance stopped.  She actually said:  “You are only allowed to do that at home”.

This made me sad.  Her robot dance made me happy.  And it made other people happy because everybody bored with me were watching her too.  And it made her happy.

Ah, but then Mom’s cell phone rang again, and every time she turned around that little girl roboted her butt off.

But I started thinking:  Why can’t we all do our own version of the robot dance?  What if we stopped wondering what other people thought and just were happy?  Did something a little crazy?  Did something we wanted to, without wondering if people were looking?

Later that night, I turned on the music and did a robot dance in honor of her.  And I encourage all of you to do something silly.  Something fun.

And FYI, you can come in our place and robot, dance, sing, or get up and read a poem.  We will watch, we will clap, and we will give you good food!

Robot video below for all who do not remember it:


Feel it, people.



Today – a little dose of happiness. Picture Songs!

Every Saturday I am going to post something Happy!

Watch it, laugh, and then come in.  Mention it and we will all hug you – EVEN NED.  I REPEAT.  EVEN NED WILL HUG YOU.  AND SING THE SONG.

So enjoy our happy video – it is a picture song.  And I think hilarious.

We will be here for your amusement and culinary pleasure until 9 pm.



Oh, we are so Halloween-y! And we have Sweet Potato Fries!

First – I love sweet potato fries more than my husband.  Not more than my Mom but definitely more than Ned.

They are that good. And seasonal – so get them while you can.

But then again, Ned has been an ass lately.  Go figure.  Come in and spend some money so he stops yelling at all of us!

Soup:  Tomato Veggie.

Entree specials – Potato Casserole that is incredible OR we have a pork chop dinner to stick to your ribs and keep you warm!


Morgan and Ned have decorated the place so cute, I absolutely love it!  Pumpkins, bats, and a big scary spider.  And we have a Halloween tree as well – how rockin’ is that?

So come on in, check it out, and calm Ned down.  Before we tie him to something and gag him.