Cucumber Salad today! And all about Todd.

Ned made the most wonderful cucumber salad today!

Our fridge is fixed, and things are back to normal.   Well, as normal as they can be around here.  😉

It will be me, Ned, and Morgan here today – Dave is spending the day with his children.  So why don’t you come in and visit us?  We would love to see you.

And on a side note, I apparently turned off one of my blog readers, Ruby.  She found my P.S. to be ‘bitchy’.   Perhaps she is a friend of Todd.  I hope so, as Todd needs friends as we all do.

I didn’t mean to come off as bitchy, so I thought I would explain myself.  Todd periodically tries to leave really mean and insulting comments on the blog.   No idea why, as I am not sure who Todd is.   I wanted to find out, to see why he is upset – but he always uses different invalid email addy’s so I can’t.

We laugh about it here – it has become a punch line.  Like when we mess up, we laugh and say “Thank goodness Todd didn’t see that” or  “I wonder what Todd would say…”.

So you see, for all his anonymous slams – we really love Todd the Angy Anonymous Mean Comment Leaver.  We do.  Because in the face of some of our challenges,  our little inside joke makes us laugh.  And on a day where we lost all that food due to our fridge – the Todd joke made us all laugh so hard.  And we needed it.  So I put it on the blog.

I think from now on I will publish Todd’s comments – I really do.  So, Todd – get your insult on. 😉

We will be here until 9 pm – and would love to see you!






  1. Todd said,

    August 26, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    Glad I make you laugh. I’ve sat in your restaurant a few times – I’ll be sure to introduce myself next time I’m in.

  2. August 26, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    You should! And you do make us laugh, and on some of our worst days you have lightened them.

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