Local Artist Jessica Potter has drawn for us! And new posters! And an awesome new burger!

I hope all of you had a great 4th of July!  We have a lot going on.

Our art collection is growing, we have a new addition to our walls by local artist Jessica Potter.  She was in with her father a few weeks ago, and had her sketchbook out.    Being the nosy one I am, I asked to look through it.  Amazing drawings.

I asked her to draw something for us to put up on the walls.   And last week she brought over a sketch.  It is so lovely.  Ned framed it this morning and it is up on the wall.  It is not for sale.  I will cherish it for a long time.    Thank you, Jessica – and if you ever want to draw anything else for us, please do!! I envision a wall of your beautiful black and white drawings.   Lovely fantasy art of beings with big eyes…..

Also – Dave Tosch donated some of his super cool poster art for us to hang up.  Ned framed that too, and we are so lucky to have them!   They are old, and are special to him.  And it was an awesome thing that he donated them.  Come check them out…

And we have a new burger – the Ass Kicking Burger.  Perfect for summer, it is one of our burgers with spicy onions and jalapeno cheese on top.   But this baby has heat, and it is just incredible.    Come and get it!





1 Comment

  1. Chris & Steve said,

    July 10, 2011 at 1:55 am

    We tried the Ass-Kicking “topping” on a veggie burger tonight, and it WAS awesome. Thanks!

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