I sense some confusion!

I am going to keep this page static and this post at the top for a bit.

I have been getting some comments on the blog – and I think some clarification would be greatly helpful to all of you.

1.  Our address is 8420 Brookfield, Ave Brookfield, Il 60513 (This can be found on the location page located on the left hand side of the site.)

2.  Our phone number is 708-516-4633 (This can be found on the contact page on the left  hand side)

3.  Our hours of operation are noon until 9 pm Tuesday – Sunday, unless otherwise noted on the website.  Good rule of thumb is to check here before heading over.

I know this extra step seems to irk people.  As a matter of fact I got a lovely blog comment I did not approve stating how “we are the joke of Brookfield.” (hi Todd!) Now why someone would go out of their way to inform me of this, I have no idea.  However, I am rather glad people are talking about us.  And second, how great we make people laugh!  😉

I realize that we are inconsistent at times.  We try not to be, and to those who keep coming back (they must not be in on the ‘joke’) thank you!  To those who have been kind and realized the roughness of what we are going through, thank you.  And to those who have left just killer reviews for us, thank you.

4.  Yes, this is a blog site.  Apparently, several people find that irritating.  Or can’t figure it out.  Once again, sorry about that – but I rather like it being a blog site.  So it will stay one, and to those who tell me you like it – again, thank you!

5.  Our menu is varied, but I will be uploading a menu in the next few days.  I know I have a bit of information about our food, but I will make it larger.  However, for those who keep saying they can’t find anything on the site – again, please see the left hand of this site.  There are loads of links you can click on  – and I do hope you check them out.

As always to those who come in, thank you so very much.  I adore you, and you make my dream possible!





open at 2 today!

we will be open around 2 pm today.

we are open!

Happy thursday!  We are open!

Happy birthday, Ned! I love you…

We are open, and it is Ned’s birthday today.

Oh, tomorrow is going to be a long post about him, trust me.

Come on in and sing to him…..he will love it.  Or, you could just have some really good food.

Happy Birthday, my husband. My love.  My life.



Power is back on – we are open!

Hey – power is back on and we will be open until 9 pm!

hey – cabin fever has to be setting in, get out of the house!

Hi All!

It’s friday, and it is time for you all to hit that cabin fever mark and get out of the house.  Why don’t you leave your home and come visit ours?

For dinner tonight we have stuffed peppers (say it all funny and it sounds like ‘stoofed peepers’, which makes me laugh!

I will be waitressing all night tonight -yay!  Thanks to all who said they miss me when I am not waitressing – I miss you to – come on in….



Open today and thanks for everyone who came out last night.

Last night was everything I envisioned this place to be when we were planning it.  And thank you so much everyone who came out.

The vibe was simply amazing, and performances even more so.  It was incredible.  I was in awe of everything.  I am still moved by it!

We are open today, and the air is on.  Have a bit of cabin fever?  Stop on by!



It’s tonight! 7 pm – Symbiosis – words and music featuring Brookfield artists Lisa Knasiak and Mitch Mayer

I am so excited – I am simply over the moon!  I truly am.

Tonight at 7 pm we proudly present Symbiosis:  words by Lisa Knasiak and music by Mitch Mayer.  This is a FREE event.   If you are broke, don’t even sweat ordering anything.  Just stop by and soak it n.

This is our first official event, and I want to thank Lisa Knasiak for approaching me about it.  It was a gift from the universe.

Yesterday, Jake voiced his dismay over the fact that we won’t be playing his radio show like we always do – but is super excited to be able to get his first taste of poetry before he goes.


Open! And Wed at 7 pm: Symbiosis featuring local poet and musician

Well, this is going to be a mighty cool week.

We are open today so come beat the heat and stop on by!

Tomorrow, Wed evening at 7 pm we are proud to host Symbiosis with words by local poet Lisa Knasiak and music by Mitch Mayer – 7 pm! This is an open and free event, so stop on by and show your support to local artists!

I am just so excited about this.    You know I will be here with bells on.  Although it would be nice if you all had a bite to eat, I really don’t care.  Just stop on by to hear the poetry and listen to the music.  Come by to experience and have fun.

Once again, it starts at 7 pm.  And knowing these artists, it is NOT to be missed.

Closed today

Closed today – be back tuesday.

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