A chance to make a difference, a chance to help a family in need.

Many of you don’t know that Ned and I lost everything in a house fire several years ago.  I remember staring at my bare feet while the house burned down and realizing I no longer owned a single pair of shoes.  It is devastating – both financially and emotionally.

I remember sitting at my friend Jolene Roach’s house several hours later and crying because she gave me a pair of hers along with any clothes that would fit me.   Please read below and help if you can.

A family of  6  – a Mother and Father, three sons and a daughter – have lost everything due to a home fire.   They live in Hodgkins.

Clothing for the children are of the utmost importance right now.

Needed: clothes for 6X girl, 5T boy, and 24M boy and diapers #5

The parents also have lost all their clothes, but are more concerned with their children.  Their sizes are:  Female adult clothing – XL shirts, size 16; Male adult clothing – XL shirts, 36 waist.

Financial donations are also accepted, of course.  I can’t imagine their immediate bills.  As the call for help went out it is safe to assume that they are not well off.  They need help.

I will be accepting donation here at MYOB during open hours (noon – 9 tues – sunday) or you can drop them off at the Hodgkins Village Hall.

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.  – Aesop




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