Gratitude, Happiness, Love, Happy Castles….and stealing?

I have been so busy!  And so happy…..This is a long one, but please make sure to read part three of the post.  Please!

First, I am filled with gratitude for being surrounded by so many wonderful people!  I was super stressed about how to get and set up to the farmers market.     We are still without a car, and who the heck is going to:

A.  Have a big car/van/jeep to help haul a huge tent, a very heavy table, and oodles of baked goods?

B.  Get up at 5 am to help me?

Felix, thats who.  Some of you have met Felix.  He not only offered to help with his jeep, but did so with joy.  It’s shouldn’t have surprised me that his name is Happy Castles in Spanish.   Seriously, it is.  Literal translation.

Second, I am so happy to have met such great people at the Farmers Market!  The other vendors are super cool.  And the people shopping – so much fun to talk to them.   Thank you again, all who were kind to me!

Third, and this is sad.  It’s a bit of an open letter to a certain table that came in over the weekend.  Here goes:

I am glad you liked the stuff we have on the walls, and in our bathroom.   But taking the picture from our bathroom with you was not cool.  You see, everything we have here came from our home and have meaning for us.  It was just a cool little picture with a saying on it to you.   To us, however, it was a thing that hung in Ned’s  uncles house his whole life.   After his uncle died, Ned took it to always remember him by.

It’s nothing special to you – actually you can get it elsewhere.  They were massed produced.  Seriously, go to ebay and get one.  But please return that one to us.  It means something to him. Memories are tied to that.

No questions asked, just leave it in the mailbox or something.  I strive to forgive people – and like to think the best of them.   You are messing with that.   I know who you are, oh table of four who sat by the bathroom.   We heard you talking about how ‘cool’ it was and whispering.  We just didn’t think you would take it. It was not nice.

Please give it back.  I can’t say it enough.







1 Comment

  1. Patty Crowley said,

    June 15, 2011 at 1:29 am

    Hi Barb, I wanted to say I enjoyed your restaurant. My family and I came in for the first time today, the food was great. and everyone was very nice. I hope to see you at the farmers market. We will be return customers this time with all the kids.

    Oh p.s. I’m sorry to hear your picture was stolen. You’re right…..NOT COOL AT ALL.

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