Open, Barbie’s back, and how Jake De Pompeo helped me get my groove back.

When I started this blog, I promised myself it would show the good, the bad, and everything in between.  After all – this is an adventure.  And adventures don’t always go smoothly.  At least not the right kind…..

So, if you are checking this blog to see if we are open, we are!  All the way til 9  pm.  And we would love to see you!

If you are one of the kind few who read this blog to follow my adventure, let me tell you what has been happening – warts and all.  This is going to be a long post, you may want settle in and get comfy.

The restaurant is in a growth period.   This is never easy – I knew that going in.  But I did not see it turning the way it did.  You see – the universe has provided us with people to help out around here.  And it started wonderfully.  And then, things started to change.   And shockingly, people I thought would never act a certain way began acting…well, a certain way.

Suddenly, it was as if what I said did not matter.  I would ask for things to be done, not even big things.   I would come back hours later to find everyone sitting at the counter with it not being done.  When asking why, I got dismissive answers about how they forgot and then turned back to their conversation telling me they would get to it in a minute.  When trying to train people, I got blown off a bit.  When having ideas, they were simply talked over.  And keep in mind, I am far from a task monger.   And Ned did not back me up on it….which was a much bigger issue between us.   He did not see the correlation between the fact that we can have a collective here and still get things done.

I meditated on this, I attempted to fix it, I woke up every day and said ‘things will be different’.  They weren’t.

So, I took my toys and went home.   Not mature of me, but certainly sanity saving.  I needed time to figure this out.  I needed time to clear things in my soul.  I needed perspective.  And it came in the form of a 17 year old man – because the universe will always teach and always provide if we allow it to and are open to it.

During my week long absence, I missed the restaurant.  I would go down in the morning and try to meditate to leave good vibes.  I was too hurt to, though.

But it passed, Ned and I started talking in earnest about my feelings, about my place here, about the toll current events around here took on our marriage.   I came back to help out a bit.

But I came back because of  Jake De Pompeo.

See, I know why that girl who worked here for 5 hours left.  She left because of some disgruntled comments made by the people here in the kitchen when Ned was not around.

It is important for all of you to understand, I foster honesty here.  I try to let everyone know if there is an issue, tell me.  If you are unhappy, tell me.  If we can’t work it out – I wish you the best and that you find what makes your heart sing.  This is not your usual workplace.  This place is my heart, my journey, and I want people to take it with me happily.

So armed with the knowledge of what transpired, I asked people what was said, what they said.  Everyone hedged, one claimed “not remembering”, and overall fudged.  I had one person left.  Jake.

So when he came in early to help with the huge undertaking of baking for the farmers market, I asked him.  I was waiting for the same as the others.  Without missing a beat he told me everything.  And why.  He respected me enough to be honest.   He cared enough about what I am trying to build and who I am to level with me.   He was the only one.   But I only needed one.

He will never know with that simply honestly that came so naturally to him how he helped me.  I needed that – an honest man.  A glimpse of decency I didn’t know I craved so much until I had it.

The universe once again brought me full circle.  Showed me no matter how hurt I am, there are people that care.  That I must look beyond myself and my feelings and look at others.  To step outside myself, and once again seek the good in people.  It is easy to lose that perspective, and for a bit, I did.  But it is back, and I had a meeting with people here.  And I feel whole again, and can look for the good in them – and there is plenty.  Oodles, actually.

And I am happy.

And Jake, on your birthday today, know that at your young age you have made quite a difference for me and this place in just one simple conversation.    And the funny thing is, I bet you didn’t even know it when you did it.

Thank you.

And for everyone else, I am back!  And I have missed you – so please if you can, stop by soon and say hi.   Know that you are the reason that our walls vibrate with such good energy!













A chance to make a difference, a chance to help a family in need.

Many of you don’t know that Ned and I lost everything in a house fire several years ago.  I remember staring at my bare feet while the house burned down and realizing I no longer owned a single pair of shoes.  It is devastating – both financially and emotionally.

I remember sitting at my friend Jolene Roach’s house several hours later and crying because she gave me a pair of hers along with any clothes that would fit me.   Please read below and help if you can.

A family of  6  – a Mother and Father, three sons and a daughter – have lost everything due to a home fire.   They live in Hodgkins.

Clothing for the children are of the utmost importance right now.

Needed: clothes for 6X girl, 5T boy, and 24M boy and diapers #5

The parents also have lost all their clothes, but are more concerned with their children.  Their sizes are:  Female adult clothing – XL shirts, size 16; Male adult clothing – XL shirts, 36 waist.

Financial donations are also accepted, of course.  I can’t imagine their immediate bills.  As the call for help went out it is safe to assume that they are not well off.  They need help.

I will be accepting donation here at MYOB during open hours (noon – 9 tues – sunday) or you can drop them off at the Hodgkins Village Hall.

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.  – Aesop



It’s Friday Night!

And we are open and it is going to be great!

Open until 9 pm!

Open today!

We are open today, the stove is fixed, and things are great.

And come meet our new waitress who will be taking over for Barbie….she is very nice and I am sure you will all adore her!

We will be open until 9 pm…


Closed today.

Fixing the stove and such – so MYOB will be closed.  Open tomorrow at noon.


It’s raining men here at Mind Your Own Business!

It’s raining men here at Mind Your Own Business!  They are cute and all….but….

Seriously.   WAY too much testosterone around here;





Jake  (he’s a new face – friend of Scott)

Now – Girls:


And sometimes Bella, Daves girlfriend.

See the problem?  Now don’t get me wrong, I adore them.  But let’s face it – I am outnumbered.   They know it.   And the past week, they have been trying to take over.  Fools.

They don’t know who they are messing with.   Want to see the fireworks today?  Stop on by and watch me whip them into shape.  No more hanging out in the back talking while I clean.  No more nodding their head when I ask them to do something – and not doing it.  Nope.

It’s Barbie time.  And it will be awesome.  As the sign hanging by the soda machines  says:

“The rooster may crow – but the hen delivers the goods.”

We are open until 9 pm tonight.   And I promise – it will be some of the best service you have ever had here.

We are open until 9 pm tonight – I do hope to see you.






Hey All,

We have some new deliciousness on the menu tonight! I tried one of these last night and let me tell you, it was absolutely AMAZING. We make a bacon and American cheese omelet and put it between two slices of French toast, some syrup on top and we have some heaven!

Come on, doesn’t that look amazing right there?

We’re open until 9!

Hope to see you all,


P.S. I’m serving tonight!!!! COME VISIT ME!!!!!


Its thursday! And the arrival of the French Toast Omelet Sammich!

And I am baking my big booty off!

But the boys are here to take care of you – so stop on by!  And creativity is blooming around here – our waffle sandwich has a cousin- the French Toast Omelet Sandwich.

It rules and is as good as it sounds.  Open until 9 pm!




We are open!

Come on in!

Get out of the rain.  Get into our sunny attitude!



Gratitude, Happiness, Love, Happy Castles….and stealing?

I have been so busy!  And so happy…..This is a long one, but please make sure to read part three of the post.  Please!

First, I am filled with gratitude for being surrounded by so many wonderful people!  I was super stressed about how to get and set up to the farmers market.     We are still without a car, and who the heck is going to:

A.  Have a big car/van/jeep to help haul a huge tent, a very heavy table, and oodles of baked goods?

B.  Get up at 5 am to help me?

Felix, thats who.  Some of you have met Felix.  He not only offered to help with his jeep, but did so with joy.  It’s shouldn’t have surprised me that his name is Happy Castles in Spanish.   Seriously, it is.  Literal translation.

Second, I am so happy to have met such great people at the Farmers Market!  The other vendors are super cool.  And the people shopping – so much fun to talk to them.   Thank you again, all who were kind to me!

Third, and this is sad.  It’s a bit of an open letter to a certain table that came in over the weekend.  Here goes:

I am glad you liked the stuff we have on the walls, and in our bathroom.   But taking the picture from our bathroom with you was not cool.  You see, everything we have here came from our home and have meaning for us.  It was just a cool little picture with a saying on it to you.   To us, however, it was a thing that hung in Ned’s  uncles house his whole life.   After his uncle died, Ned took it to always remember him by.

It’s nothing special to you – actually you can get it elsewhere.  They were massed produced.  Seriously, go to ebay and get one.  But please return that one to us.  It means something to him. Memories are tied to that.

No questions asked, just leave it in the mailbox or something.  I strive to forgive people – and like to think the best of them.   You are messing with that.   I know who you are, oh table of four who sat by the bathroom.   We heard you talking about how ‘cool’ it was and whispering.  We just didn’t think you would take it. It was not nice.

Please give it back.  I can’t say it enough.






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