Happy Friday! And an open letter to Mrs. Hall.

It’s Friday – and the kickoff of Memorial Day Weekend!  We are open and will be here until 9 pm!  Specials tonight are our Sloppy Ned for lunch, and for dinner we have Southern style Mustard Smothered Pork Chops and a new side:  Dave’s Famous Stick To Your Ribs Spiced Cheesy Potatoes.  We really don’t know what will happen this weekend, it is our first Memorial Day Weekend in the restaurant business – but we are ready if you can stop in!

For those of you who have been in this week – you have seen a new face around here.  Scott “Lucky” Hall.  For those of you who have not, here he is.

Scott "Lucky" Hall

He’s awesome.  And he is going to be helping out around here and I am so happy he is.   And so is Ned.  Our place is a small, intimate thing and we met Scott when his family came in to eat here.  And in the past week I have gotten to know him so much better – and feel a need to publicly write a letter to his Mother, who I have had the pleasure of meeting several times.  Without further ado:

Mrs. Hall,

When we are adults, no matter how much we try to claim our own way we will always be a product of the values of the people who raised us.  As we both know, this can go both ways.   I am so very impressed with him, and your Mothering has raised an exceptional young man.  Open, funny, polite, hard working, and considerate.  Did I mention he has exceptional manners?

This is rare at times in this hectic world.  At 19, he is amazingly grounded.  When you had come in as a family, I could see the close family bond.  When you were out of town and your husband and Scott came in for ‘guy time’ they talked and talked.  You could see the closeness and respect the two have for each other.   So much that I still think about it and it makes me smile.

It takes a strong, smart woman to raise such a close family.  It takes care and work – I know these things do not come easily.  Kudos to you, and I mean that with all my heart.  I always look to be inspired by exceptional women.  And you certianly are.

And your legacy will live much longer than you and I – it will be in the family that you led.  And their children.




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