Happy Thursday! Drowsy outside, isn’t it?

For whatever reason sometimes rain makes people happy, or sad, or crabby.  Today is a drowsy rain, isn’t it?  So many yawns, so little time.

But you know life is for living, so try to shake it off a bit – thats what we are doing!  If you came in, it would help even more.  We have music on, and who knows you might even find yourself tapping your toe.  Or you can take a nap on our couch!  Whatever suits your fancy.

We are open today until 9 pm – and if all goes well, we are going to have a kick tushie dinner special.  It is being worked on right now.

My husband told me to keep it a secret until we know it is a go – oh the joys of being married to crabby perfectionist.

Also – in preparation for the farmers market here in Brookfield that starts next week, I am going to be doing some experimenting myself.  When you come in, who knows what breads or cookies you will find for sale around here from now on.  I will be posting some of them on here if I have time.

Try to keep awake and dry, people!




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