NEWS FLASH – Pint size local artists have left their mark…..

For those of us who have trouble finding out place…..we are the place with the super cool chalk drawings on our sidewalk.  In front, on the side, it is glorious!

Armed with a box of colored chalk as their medium, children ages 2 to 10 (and some parents, too!) took to our sidewalk to draw, write, color, and make hopscotches.   And of course, this is an ongoing thing for us – so when you come in feel free to ask for the chalk!  And grown -ups, get coloring out there.  Find your inner creativity.  It’s not only for kids, you know.

Mother nature is washing it away, but the memory will be with me for a long time – hopefully to be blended with other local artists, trained or not, intricate or stick figure.  hey, even a scribble will do!

Open tonight until 9 pm – hope to see you,



1 Comment

  1. Karl Sokol said,

    May 21, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    process not product. it was fun.

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