Lot’s of fun things in this post…plus a cool chick named Freyja.

Sloppy Ned’s have arrived!

What is a Sloppy Ned?  It is an awesome sandwich we have on special today.    A sloppy joe type sandwich with mexican flair as only my darling husband can do.  It is beyond yummy, and perfect for a rain day like today.

Last night lots of groovy people came in!  And I got to meet two women who came from spending a day downtown at a Green Fest.  Turns out one of them, Freyja, works right here in Brookfield for a landscaping company.  Better yet – they specialize in organic growing, native Illinois plants, and making the world a prettier place without hurting Mother Earth.

For goodness sake, they brew their own compost tea.

I heart them, and am shocked I did not know about them earlier. You can find out more about this green local business at www.digrightin.com .   And yes, Freyja is as hot as her name.

Don’t forget, tomorrrow is our LivingSocial day!  Get a great deal by visiting there.  I am hopeful we will sell oodles and oodles of their deals for us tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.  Better yet, tell your friends! *wink*





  1. Chris & Steve said,

    May 17, 2011 at 12:02 am

    LS deal bought, and posted on Facebook… hope to get a little traffic rolling your way 🙂

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