Read this blog, do something awesome, get free dessert!

It’s Friday, spring is in the air – and good food and great vibes abound around this place.

We would be more than happy to share both the good vibes and good food with you!  The food is pretty reasonable, and the smiles and vibes are FREE.  Can’t beat that, eh?

We are open now, and will be until 9 pm.

Want to make a difference, and get FREE dessert? Two awesome things are happening soon.  Do one or both and get free dessert when you come in!

Yesterday, an awesome Scout Master (I think that is what they are called) stopped by to let us know about their food drive tomorrow.  Seems that the Scouts of the Voyageur Trace Distreict will be helping stamp out hunger and joining the letter carriers tomorrow to pick up non perishable food items.  According to their letter, they need items such as:  veggies and fruits, canned soups, chili, pasta, tuna, stews and hash.

Just leave a bag of food by your mailbox and the scouts and letter carriers will pick it up tomorrow.   Then they will drop the food off to a local food pantry.  You know you have something to give, even if it is only a few things it could make a huge difference!!

Second cool thing to make a difference:  Get outside, get some sun, make a difference for our Mother Earth!  Participate in the Des Plaines River Cleanup!  May 14th – 22nd is when it is happening.  Email or call him directly at 708-466-2715.  He is awesome and so are the other volunteers.

And you will be rewarded by me with FREE DESSERT and my eternal gratitude in making a difference for our world.  Just let me know you did either when you stop on by!




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