We’re Back! And with awesome news too!

Happy Tuesday Everybody!

First, I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day.  I know I did – it was great to spend time with my Mom letting her know how thankful I am for her and that she is still with us.

Second, watch this space.  I have some pictures of people that I think are way too awesome to be single.  I know they thought I forgot about them, but I didn’t.  HA!  So, I am going to put up some pics I took of them soon and if interested, email me.  Hey, you can have your first date here…..

Third,  we are going to be on LivingSocial.com on Monday the 16th (next monday!) and you can get $20.00 worth of food for $10.00.  I am super excited about this, and hope all of you are too!  Mark the date, they said if this does good they will run another one for us.    Which of course I want – because the next special is going to be all about the sweets.

Fourth, I have signed up for the Brookfield Farmers Market!  It starts in June, and I will get a link for you all as soon as I can find one.  I will be selling my coconut squares, some different breads (still thinkin’ on that one) and maybe some vegan desserts as well.  And of course, we are going to get most of our produce from there and other markets in the area.

whoo – thats a lot of news for one day.

Oh, we are open till 9 pm!  stop on by!





  1. Chris & Steve said,

    May 17, 2011 at 12:00 am

    Hey Barbie, the Brookfield Farmers Market brochure is here: http://www.brookfieldchamber.net/documents/events_assets/FM_Trifold_2010FIN.pdf

    We are just blown away that you’re SO CLOSE to where we live, and we didn’t know you’d opened up. We obviously don’t drive in that direction often enough… 🙂 Can’t wait to stop in later this week!

    • May 17, 2011 at 5:53 pm

      We can’t wait to see you as well! And thanks so much for the brochure link. Later today I am going to make a page on the site for it. I am very excited about it!

      And we are kind of a secret (which we are trying to change). We have great food, but no advertising money – or sign money for that matter. But we will get there with help like great people like you.


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