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Open tonight until 9 pm- sorry this blog post is so late – it has been a hectic day.

But I will be blogging tomorrow, with a very interesting restaurant related issue.





Memorial Day Musings…..

When I was little, my Grandpa told me something I would never forget:

It is not so important what you say, Barbie, it is important what you hear.  You must always listen to people.

And I listened to his wisdom, and it has blessed me many times over.  I listen to people, I learn from them, and it has enriched my life in ways I never imagined.   It is easy in life to be around people, but how often do we actually see them?  Pay attention?  Learn from them?

And every year around Memorial Day weekend, my mind is flooded with stories people have shared with me.  Often, I cry.  All right, every year I cry.

The flags in the windows during World War II.  Each one representing a son who is gone.  A mother gently hanging them there.  Sometimes not just one, but several.

My Uncle, Charles Kovel, who was one of the first waves of troops on Iwo Jima.  Who was wounded for in service, and shares his stories with me.  The good, the horrible.  The downright terrifying to me stories.  I learn from every one, and grow as a person.  I see through his sharing the sacrifices that people make, and from all sides.

From the families that worry, to the spouses left, to the children who don’t have a parent because they are off fighting and protecting.  To the men on the ‘other side’ who have the same issues.

You see, this is not an issue of war.  It is too easy to get caught up in that – today is an issue of people.  And it is complex, I know.  But today is not just BBQ’ing and a day off.  Today is a day to listen to what our servicemen and women have to say.  To realize the sacrifice they make.  To listen and to see them.

It is not about right or wrong, pro military or against.  It is not a celebration of war.  Nor is today about politics.  It is about human beings.  It is about our families, our countrymen.   It is about stepping out of our box for a bit and recognizing what they went through.

And remembering our servicemen are people – just like you and I.  The are not machines, and they do and see things in service to our country that I will never, ever want to even imagine.  I don’t think I could handle it.

I will be going to a BBQ later tonight, and it will be awesome.  I will wear my hippie skirt and peace tshirt.  I will listen to people, and learn things.   And I will be grateful I live in country that I can do so.  And for those that protect my right to be free, to work for peace, and to live the blessed life I do.

I hope you have a great one as well!

We will be open Tuesday at 11:45 am.  I may be a titch hung over.  But still happy!


Craziness and open tonight (Sunday until 7 pm) – no credit cards today.

Hi all – this storm has knocked out some of our resources – the credit card machine is out and we have had some “brown outs’.  grrrr.  Our internet just came up a bit ago.

But we will be here until 7 pm tonight, so if you wish to have an adventure and brave the weather stop on by.

If not, have a great memorial day and we will see you on Tuesday!



Closed until tomorrow –

Ned is having some kind of issue – so we have to close tonight – so sorry everyone.

See you tomorrow!! Have a great night.


Saturday! Open and sorry it is so gloomy.

It is so sad that it is gloomy on a Saturday for Memorial Day Weekend.  But Ned is just full of sunshine, so why don’t you stop in?



Happy Friday! And an open letter to Mrs. Hall.

It’s Friday – and the kickoff of Memorial Day Weekend!  We are open and will be here until 9 pm!  Specials tonight are our Sloppy Ned for lunch, and for dinner we have Southern style Mustard Smothered Pork Chops and a new side:  Dave’s Famous Stick To Your Ribs Spiced Cheesy Potatoes.  We really don’t know what will happen this weekend, it is our first Memorial Day Weekend in the restaurant business – but we are ready if you can stop in!

For those of you who have been in this week – you have seen a new face around here.  Scott “Lucky” Hall.  For those of you who have not, here he is.

Scott "Lucky" Hall

He’s awesome.  And he is going to be helping out around here and I am so happy he is.   And so is Ned.  Our place is a small, intimate thing and we met Scott when his family came in to eat here.  And in the past week I have gotten to know him so much better – and feel a need to publicly write a letter to his Mother, who I have had the pleasure of meeting several times.  Without further ado:

Mrs. Hall,

When we are adults, no matter how much we try to claim our own way we will always be a product of the values of the people who raised us.  As we both know, this can go both ways.   I am so very impressed with him, and your Mothering has raised an exceptional young man.  Open, funny, polite, hard working, and considerate.  Did I mention he has exceptional manners?

This is rare at times in this hectic world.  At 19, he is amazingly grounded.  When you had come in as a family, I could see the close family bond.  When you were out of town and your husband and Scott came in for ‘guy time’ they talked and talked.  You could see the closeness and respect the two have for each other.   So much that I still think about it and it makes me smile.

It takes a strong, smart woman to raise such a close family.  It takes care and work – I know these things do not come easily.  Kudos to you, and I mean that with all my heart.  I always look to be inspired by exceptional women.  And you certianly are.

And your legacy will live much longer than you and I – it will be in the family that you led.  And their children.



Tonights Special has arrived! And a new side.

My husbands friend Dave has been helping out in the kitchen.  I am sure that some of your have seen and met him – he’s the cool tall drink of water with the shaved head.

He has created two incredibly awesome things:

1.  A new side – called Daves Famous Stick To Your Ribs Cheesy Spiced Potatoes.  These things are great.  I am having a hard time describing them – they are mouth watering.  When I first tried them today, my eyes closed and I was smiling and chewing at the same time.  Heaven!  Apparently he has been making these for years – why oh why didn’t he give me some sooner?

2.  A new special tonight – Mustard Chops!  Pork chops smothered in a brown mustard sauce with onions.  At first, I was a little skeptical, to be honest.  Then I had one.  Brilliant.  Unique.   Just plain delicious and truly a must try.   And you all know me – if I didn’t believe it, I would not say it.  Comes with a side of  Daves Famous Stick To Your Ribs Cheesy Spiced Potatoes.  Soup and Dessert as well, of course!

Hope to see you tonight!



Happy Thursday! Drowsy outside, isn’t it?

For whatever reason sometimes rain makes people happy, or sad, or crabby.  Today is a drowsy rain, isn’t it?  So many yawns, so little time.

But you know life is for living, so try to shake it off a bit – thats what we are doing!  If you came in, it would help even more.  We have music on, and who knows you might even find yourself tapping your toe.  Or you can take a nap on our couch!  Whatever suits your fancy.

We are open today until 9 pm – and if all goes well, we are going to have a kick tushie dinner special.  It is being worked on right now.

My husband told me to keep it a secret until we know it is a go – oh the joys of being married to crabby perfectionist.

Also – in preparation for the farmers market here in Brookfield that starts next week, I am going to be doing some experimenting myself.  When you come in, who knows what breads or cookies you will find for sale around here from now on.  I will be posting some of them on here if I have time.

Try to keep awake and dry, people!



Red Dragon has arrived! Come check it out….

I know you all love the green dragon – but it’s cousin the red dragon has arrived.

You really have to try it, it is so hard to explain.  It is red, it has rice, it has veggies – and it is a vegetarian soup.   And it is awesome.

We had a little test run of it last night – and it was a hit!

So come on in and have a bowl.  You won’t be sorry.  Also – the sloppy ned has survived another day due to everyone loving it!

We will be open til 9 pm – and I would love to see you.

And since it is rainy today – I leave you with this Irish Blessing.  Maybe you have heard it before.

May you always have work for your hands to do.

May your pockets hold always a coin or two.

May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.

May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.

May the hand of a friend always be near you.

And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.



Open Open Open!

And busy – so I will blog more later.



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