Closed for reorganization will open A.S.A.P. Come by Sunday….to many people yesterday Ned


Open for Dinner tonight! After 5:30….

We are running a bit behind today!  So sorry about that.

But we will be open after 5:30 for dinner and we would love it if you would stop by.



Open around 1 pm Saturday until 9pm – maybe earlier check back for updates

We were very busy Friday evening, and we are so grateful about it.

But we ran out of tons of things so we will be open a little late on Saturday. We are thinking about 1 pm, but it may be earlier.  We will post here if it is!

We are still working out a few of the bugs, and last night was hectic at best.  We were the busiest we ever were, and everything did not go perfect to say the least.  Thanks to all who were patient with us as we live our dream.  We are forever in your debt.



Special tonight after 5pm: Awesome Super Double Roast!

It’s Friday and all you carnivores should come in and celebrate the weekend with our Awesome Super Double Roast!

It’s a beef roast wrapped in a corn beef roast.  Not drooling yet?  The sides are brocolli with sauce and sweet potato doctored to awesome orange yumminess by Ned.

It’s a dinner so comes with our green dragon soup and dessert!  $15.95 and it is available after 5pm.

Now you know we have you vegetarians covered too – so stop on by and get our no meatloaf dinner, mexican pizza flips, and more!

Oh, and I think we need to start demanding fried pickles.  There was the cutest little girl in here on Wed who asked for fried pickles.  So my husband made them special for her and they were so good.

If we bug him enough, we may all get fried pickles!  And as a fried pickle first timer – I am going to need them again.



Come on in!

We are open tonight!

Come on in and grab some good vibes and great food.

We have had a wonderful bump from the newspaper article.  It has been such a joy meeting all those new people.   Thanks for stopping in!



Well, look who is in the paper?

It’s us!  Yep, the Landmark paper wrote the nicest article about us!

I was a bit nervous about it to be honest – I have never been in the paper before.  Actually, I take that back.  When I was in grade school the suburban life ran a photo of me and my cousin Angel in our Halloween costumes.  We were a pair of dice – and in first grade.  We were adorable!

But nothing since then.

You can check it out by clicking right here !

They were totally sweet and even quoted me!  Awesomeness.

We will be open today at 11:30.



Closed – but come meet up with us at the Easter Beer Hunt Today!

Yeah, we are such responsible business owners!

We are closed today because we are sponsoring the 7th annual beer hunt at Santa Fe Prairie in Hodgkins.  Instead of hunting for easter eggs – we decorate beers and hide them in the prairie for people to find!  Obviously, this is for grown ups – but you can bring your kids if you want.  Just don’t use them to hunt for the beer since they are closer to the ground.

Kickoff is at noon!  Begin the beer hunting!  Enjoy the outside for a bit!

Ned has made sweet potatos and ham – we are ready to go.

It is FREE.  But we only have a limited amount of beer hidden, so BYOB if you plan on having more than a couple!

Hope to see you there!



Since most will not be eating meat today…

Why don’t you just stop by and have some fish fry or our other awesome meatless dishes?

Veggie Burgers, mexican pizza flips, no-meat loaf – we have you covered!

check back later to get all the deets on the Easter Beer Hunt that we are sponsoring tomorrow.  It isn’t here so we will be closed, but we want you all to come!  It’s free.

People just walked in (yay!) so I have to run but will post more later.



Ned broke the stoup rule!

Brace yourself – Ned broke his own rule.  He made a stoup that is non vegetarian.

It started with his need to make chicken noodle casserole.  I was totaly on board with that!  But somehow I came back in the kitchen and soup was on.

Chicken Noodle vegetable soup.   But it is thick with oodles of noodles and stuff – much more than the broth so it is truly a stoup.  I think it should be called chicken noodle vegetalble casserole soup it is so filling and thick.

$3.00 a bowl – and more than enough to fill you up.



It’s raining out – BOO! Fish fry on Tuesday? Yay!!!

Life always gives us some rain, but then some sunshine!!

Ned and I have decided that we are going to have a fish fry today as a special because it made us smile this morning.

So we went out and got some fresh atlantic cod and are ready to fry them up for you.  Available in the sandwich or the dinner!

Also, we are going to have our soup and 1/2 sandwich special today as well.  Green dragon and your choice of jamaican pork chop or chicken.  5 bucks!

Feeling a little bit sunnier?  We hope so!



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