Weird Hours Today and Barbie helps fight city hall

First, we are going to have some weird hours today.   We are closing from 1 pm until 6 pm and then open from 6 pm until 9 pm.

And we got up early today – and it was awesome.  Communities United for Riverside Brookfield High School  – – came by because they are starting their campaign this month. Riverside Brookfield High School is having some budget issues and will have to cut some very needed programs and they are looking for a way to change that.  So I baked some great coconut bars, many MANY muffins, and some 7-up cake and was greeted at 8 am by lots of people, both adults and students.  All bundled up and ready to canvas the town.

And they had a band with them.  And those kids could play!

Regardless of which side of the referendum you are on, it was so wonderful for me to see people in action.  Not just sitting around and complaining, but doing something on a cold and gloomy day.  I am glad they asked if they could use this place as their Saturday morning meeting place.

Did I mention they had a band?

Stand up people, and if you believe strongly in something – get your booty out there get heard.  And if you need a place to meet, give me a hollar.





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