Green Dragon, No-Meat Loaf, Credit Cards, and two hot pilots. YAY!

Today is a an awesome day!  Ned is back feeling uber creative and we have a new vegetarian special – no meat loaf.   You can have it as a dinner or a sandwich.  It is truly awesome.

And we have a new soup – GREEN DRAGON HAS ARRIVED.   It has an asain flavor, is nice and spicy and full of green veggie goodness.   Not for the faint of heart, the dragon does breath some fire. Mighty spicy.

And finally we now take credit cards!  Super yay!

And to give you an update on the cute young pilot who I blogged about a while ago – him and his family came in last night.   And he brought a friend.   A cute, young man who is just getting his pilot training.   How these two are single, I will never know.

But I am going to fix that.   The older one is 19, and the younger one (a vegetarian to boot) is 16.   For the two ladies who stopped by to give me their numbers for them – do stop by again.  And for all you seeking a smart, funny pilot to date – just let me know.  Seems like I am flooded with them! (lucky me!)





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