Dear Carnivores: We have venison.

And dumplings.

And saurkraut.

So, carnivores, we have you covered.   A venison dinner with soup and dessert is $14.95.   And bambi is YUMMY.

But our sweet vegetarians we have you covered as well.   Due to popular demand, our Dill Potato soup is back.  And of course we have your veggie burgers,pizza flips and more.

It has been a crazy week.   Valentines Day was a bit of a bust to say the least.  Now, one of our favorite couples came in, and we met a new couple but other than that – nobody.   And we opened cause we had like 25 phone calls about it.  Odd.

But then last night, we had no calls and thought it would be very quiet – and it sure wasn’t!  And since Ned was here alone, he did great with the full house we had.

Sooner or later we will figure this out….




1 Comment

  1. Joyce said,

    February 16, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    mmmmmmm Bambi!!!!!

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