It’s Free Cake Day – and a bake off has been declared.

Today is free cake day!!

Come on in, people and get your cake.

And also – my silly husband has decided that he is a better baker than me.  Now, thats fighting words right there.

A bake off has been declared, and I am giving him a running start.   I am giving him a whole week to figure out what he wants to make and prepare.

The voters:  YOU.  Come on in and taste both of them.  For free.  Tell us which is better.  I am not going to tell anyone which is which, so Ned doesn’t get any pity votes.

We are still working on the details of what the winner gets, so I will keep you posted.

Also, and single girls between 18-22 – do I have a guy for you.  He came in last night for his 19th birthday and has his pilots license.   Thats right – pilot license.  He can FLY at 19.  He’s mighty cute too.   Feel free to email me – next time I see him I will let him know.






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