Happy Tuesday – and FREE CAKE DAY IS COMING!

The sun is shining…the world is wonderful!

But kinda cold.  But I won’t complain.

First thing first, a big thanks to Phil from around the corner at MD Labs for helping me figure out why I can’t get my leche bars to turn out.  Is there anything you don’t know?  Cute and smart.  Nice.  I think I have a few girlfriends to introduce you to.

We have the most awesome customers.

Second, I have been remiss in free cake day with the blizzard and all – so it is this Saturday!   Check daily to see what kind of cake we are having.

On to the resturaunt news – the blizzard had kind of thrown Ned and I out of the loop a bit, but we are on our way back.   We had a rythem going, and this morning we were just out of sync for some reason.   And crabby with each other.  Bah!

But as the day goes by, it is all coming back…and the crabbiness is ebbing.

But the food, as always, is wonderful.   Even when he is crabby – the man can cook.  And what is he making?  Great burgers, pizza flips and his new thingie – Jamaican cheese fries.

Tomorrow we are closed during the day and will be back at 6:30 in the evening.  So get your late munchies here!






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