Sunday is Funday!

And it is so nice out today – the gloom seems to be lifting finally.

We will be open until 9 pm – come say hi!


It’s Saturday, It’s Gloomy.

But we are open.

Come on in – Ned is crabby and needs something to do other than drive me crazy today.  Seriously.

Let’s leave the gloom outside and let the sun shine in here.

Know what will help?  A fire roasted tomato and hummus omelet – come and get it til we run out!



We are open, and it is Fish Fry Day!

We are open, and of course since it is Friday – we have our wonderful Fish Fry!  Fresh Atlantic Cod – never frozen, simply perfect.  Sandwich is $7.95 and dinner with soup and dessert is $11.95.

And of course we have our organic salad and Tangy Tomato soup special – $4.95.

Sorry again for yesterday – but I hope you can stop in today!





I thought we would be open today – MY FAULT.

Seems that Ned has a full day lined up regarding his being the Chairman of the Civic Center Authority.  He has a lot of running around and volunteer work to do, and they have their meeting tonight.  Darn hippie.  Messing up my plans by helping the community and forest preserves.  GRRRR………

I thought it was next week.

I am so sorry!  We will be open tomorrow – I PROMISE.



Get Green with Us! Todays Special….

Todays Special:  Tangy Tomato Stoup and an organic salad – $4.95.  Totally vegetarian for those who care, and just really  yummy for those who don’t.

We know we have been slacking in the specials department, and I sat down with my husband last night to discuss it.

I mean, the venison was a huge hit – which was great!  But we need to start adding more, and we will.  The restaurant is evolving, and it is very exciting.  We started out at one point thinking we were going in one direction, and now we seem to be going in several new ones.

Like, we thought that the veggie items would be great for the few vegetarians we thought were out there.    Seems there are oodles of you! YAY!  Be on the lookout for our veggie loaf coming soon and more things to tempt your tastebuds.  We are passionate about making great fare for you.

And of course, our dear meat eaters are wonderful – and we have things planned in store for you as well.

I want to thank everyone who has been coming in to try us out, and who keep coming back!  Thank you for your patience and support.  It means the world to us – you are making our dream come true.




Hump Day Makes You Hungry.

Hump day makes you hungry, all right.  So while you are in the hectic midst of Hump Day or in its sweet afterglow come and visit us.

We will be open from 11 am to 9 pm.



Happy Tuesday!

We are open today at 11 am.

Sadly, no specials today.  However, we do have our regular menu – which is rather awesome.  Ned is just not feeling the specials today, and I blame the blah weather.  But hopefully I can get his mojo going today!  And un-cranky him to boot.

Because I woke up at 7 am today feeling fine.  Worked on the new website for the bakery side of things and got us a spiffy domain name.  We should be able to launch it tomorrow.

I am going to continue to dip things in chocolate – so today come on in for some german chocolate cake balls! 2 for a buck!



What – two soups for a buck? YEP!

Rain, rain, go away….

Shoot, that appears not to be working.  Sigh.

But that’s ok, we have something to make it seem a little less gloomy.  Soup Sampler for a dollar!  Come in and get a bit of both our soups – the Zesty Tomato and Potato Dill for a dollar.  No more agonizing what kind of soup to order.

Also, I intend on dipping potato chips in chocolate today.  You have to try it.  Sounds bizarre, tastes awesome.

Try and stay dry, kids!



We are open!

And we missed you all!

We opened at 11 am and will be here until 9 pm (looking for later?  Call us!)

Venison is still on the menu and we have another special today only – our Jamaican Pork Chop Sandwich is only $4.95 and yes, that comes with fries.

Hope you enjoy the weather and stop on by!

And if you do…I have apple cake here too.



Watch this space….

Kitchen revamping not done yet – so no lunch today.  However we may make it for dinner.

But there is another reason to watch this space – soon I will be launching the bakery website!  My cousin Holly Klotz and I fully intend on rocking your sweet tooth.


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