Come Join Us tomorrow and NOT watch the Bears Game!

I know, I know – we are supposed to be rabid fans.  We are not.  Well, actually Ned is not.

He is more of a groovy doovy music and movie kind of guy.  So in that spirit we are going to be playing music and watching movies!   Well, in between cooking great food for you.   We open at 11 AM – COME JOIN US!

So forget about kick off, come hang with us instead. 

Saturdays Free Cake Day went great!  Thanks to all who came!! 

And as an added bonus, I got to see Denise and Paul Struve who stopped by to visit.  They are truly two wonderfully nice people.  When we opened up, I was so looking forward to having people I know come and see what we have done.  And they did, and that touched me greatly. 

Oh, and we are adding Portabella Mushroom Fries to the menu – they are tres delish.  Check ’em out!

And for all you Bears fans – hope they win!



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