Wheres the Beef? Wheres the Stoup?

I couldn’t resist…but actually its right here!

Today one of our specials is a yummy sliced beef sandwich with gravy and fries!  Oooh…maybe we can make gravy fries.  Yep – lets add that too – gravy fries today. 

Also – We have Stoup!  Thats right, now quite a soup, not quite  a stew but yummy!  Ned made it up and has decided it may be one of his favorite things ever.   Spicy, full of veggies it is a great vegetarian option for those trying to be a little bit healthier in the new year.

We went and dropped off our menus at a few local businesses here in Brookfield – and bam!   We have met a few really great new people.

I know it is cold out, but at least it is sunny!  Oh, and do go check out our menu today on the left hand side.  We added a few more things.

My husband and I have never spent so much time together – lets hope we survive it, lol!



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