Open Sunday

We are here or should I say,  I am here ,  B.  still w/ mom . Will be here till like 6 pm , maybe a little later. Than it is off to the D.R.I. show at reggies .  Come on in,  I’m a rotten waitress but pretty good in the kitchen .  …… selah … Ned



WE ARE OPEN TODAY !    UNTIL WE RUN OUT OF FOOD ! Which may be soon , apparently we were missed !  Barbie is taking care of her mom.  I am here alone , so if you don’t hurry it will be crackers & cheese for you !     [out of crackers & low on cheese] . ……Ned

It’s the end of the world as we know it….

Yes, the REM song just keeps running through my head again and again. And it feels very true.

Everything is breaking. Everything has gone wrong. Ned and I are very alone today. And sad.

Example: The stove broke. BROKE. How does that even happen? So today and tomorrow we are closed, taking stock of things and fixing things.

Please bear with us. We will be open in a few days.


And return we have! And we have steak…and dessert…

And return we have!

And with a plethora of  good food to fill your tummy. I got up waayy early and have some lovely deserts for you and Ned has some great food.

Today special – Round Tip Thin Sliced Steak Sandwich – With fries and all the fixin’s.

And for desert we have – 7 -up cake, chocolate covered brownies with toasted almonds, and snickerdoodle cupcakes.  Yay!

You know, part of the fun around here is seeing  what people respond to.  And it is certianly the Brie Stewp that we have.   Boy oh boy that has been simply flying out of the door.  It is awesome to see so many people just come back and back for it.

We won’t always have it, so if you want some, try to stop by this week!


Closed again today….

Sorry, we are closed today.

We should be returning on Tuesday.

Closing Early….

So sorry!  Ned’s early onset arthritis is kicking up a storm today during the cold.

My poor husband can barely hold the pans today.   He will be resting the rest of the evening.

But we WILL be back tomorrow!

And a special thanks to Owen for stopping by and being so wonderful.  You are a great guy!


I am happy!

I am happy today!

You know why?  Because since opening this place, I have met so many wonderful people.   I love seeing people enjoy themselves, and I feel so very priveledged when they share parts of their life with me.

The wonderful couples that stop by.  The father and son that came in.  Just the overall support of full and smiling people.

Remember, we may serve burgers but we are not a fast food place.  We are a place you can come and relax.  Somewhere to enjoy and be with people you like.   And a place where we consider you our family.

Thank you all….for everything….

It’s Fish Fry Day!

Yep – it’s Friday and it’s time to get our Fish Fry on.

There is just something so great about the smell of  Fish Fry.  Someone came in when we first opened today and ordered it.  When I was bringing it out, it smelled sooooooo good.   I think it may be a bit pavlovian with us Midwesterners.   Smell Fish Fry=Must Have Some.

So stop on by and get some!

I promise I won’t eat it all (if you hurry in!)


New Stew”p”!

Thats right, Ned got all crazy in the kitchen and has made new stew”p”!

It is wonderful Brie cheese base, celery, rice and other yummy things he won’t tell me ab0ut.  You must try this.   It is wonderful.

One big bowl – $3.95.

Yummy in your tummy – priceless.

Also, I have made wonderful mint chunk cookies.   They are super crazy wonderful.  Come in and grab some- they are .25 cents a piece.  Can’t beat that – can you?


Hump Day Hungry?

We hope you are!

We are open today and the kitchen is already rockin’.   We know Friday is in sight, but seems so far away.  Why don’t you come on in for a bit and visit.

We can’t promise it will make Friday come any sooner – but maybe you can fool your tastebuds that its Friday!


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