It’s the end of the year tomorrow! Feast Today!

I am sitting here a little before we open thinking about what a wild ride this year has been.  And I am sure it is for most of you as well.

Owen isn’t in yet and David is busy is th kitchen, so I have some quiet to think about the ups and downs.  The absolute joys I have had this year and the times when I thought it would never get better.   I am one of those reflective dorks at the end of the year.

Finding out who stood by me through this year, and who dropped my over-stressed-restaurant-opening-butt like a hot potato.   There were some surprises in that bunch, let me tell you!

But I am blessed, truly blessed to have such great friends and family, starting a business, a wonderful but over hyper husband, enough baking stuff to last for at least a few more weeks, and the fact that people came in this door.

So today – let’s FEAST with joy on the happiness of the coming new year, and putting the past behind us both the good and the bad.  The new year is filled with wonder.

Today David is making Mexican Pizza Flips – check out the rest of the menu on the left had side of this site.

We will be closed tomorrow as we always take New Years Eve to reflect on our lives.  But we will be open on NEW YEAR DAY!



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